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A friend asked me recently what my favorite song of all time was. Truth is, I just don’t know. I have many many songs that sing to my heart, or make me smile or move more than others. It truly depends on the day, the hour, my mood, current events, etc.

Quickly checking my iTunes library of songs, this is the single most played song in my collection:

“Music When the Lights Go Out” – The Libertines

However, that doesn’t account for playing music on my iPod, from different sources or especially life before iTunes. CD’s, cassette tapes, records and the radio! Or the fact that I don’t listen to music at the computer much anymore, it has been a few years. At any rate, this song is the second most played:

“What You Wish For” – Guster




“Mushaboom” – Feist


“Not For All the Love in the World” – The Thrills


“Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney and Wings Cover)” – Jem


“Beautiful” – Lee and LeBlanc


“Delicate” – Damien Rice

And lastly, the tenth most played song:

October Thunderstorm

It is dark and rumbling. I love it.

I was looking for some Guster to post recently and was unable to find any. I did find the following, which is set to clips from my favorite movie….which is good, and appropriate for the day:

Clips from “Life as a House” set to Guster’s “Rainy Day”
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