Mayan and I did a little, very little, holiday shopping yesterday. Target and Barnes and Noble. I wasn’t shopping, I was company for Mayan. We shared some laughs and bought nothing.

As we entered Barnes and Noble a choir of carolers started singing. They were gathered in the middle of the store, dressed in traditional costumes such as this:

It was pretty. I should have stopped to take a picture, but Mayan was trying to be focused on the task at hand, so I just listened as we shopped. We were both startled by a woman in the next aisle complaining loudly that the caroling was inappropriate “it wasn’t even December yet!” and more. Seriously?? How Scrooge-y! Who cares? It was pleasant. How exactly does having an attitude help you? Does it make you happy?

I doubt it.

Maybe she wasn’t Christian? I don’t know. For Pete’s sake, I’m not Christian, but I wasn’t offended…I was happy to hear and see them. They made me smile. It seemed to us that this woman was the type of person that looks for things to be angry about. I just want to shake her and ask “why??” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even see who was complaining, but her negative attitude bothered me for the rest of the day.

I’m feeling grumpy just thinking about her. Which leaves me in the position of complaining about the complainer. *sigh* A reminder, I guess, that negativity sticks. Even to those who encounter it in passing. So, can I end this mini-rant on a positive note?? I can’t really turn than moment into a positive, but:

Oh my! Thanksgiving!!

Mayan and I invited her (ex) step-mom to join us. The other kids (Rocket and Sissy) were spending the day with their dad’s family and M (step-mom) was going to spend the day alone. I’ve been there, it isn’t fun. The three of us ate our traditional (which isn’t so traditional, but it is delicious!) Thanksgiving dinner, shared some wine and had a few laughs. It was awesome. We had a great time! We feel blessed that M decided to join us. I feel blessed by the close relationship that Mayan and M have. It makes me happy. I would love it if the three of them (the kids and step-mom) could join us next year. I love to see all three kids together!

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  1. I would never say no to beautiful, live Christmas music. I think lots of us are tired of the October-December push of Christmas and the canned music piped way too early to even make Christmas seem magical. But this type of vitriol over live art is the ANTITHESIS of the Christmas spirit. What could she possibly hope to accomplish with that attitude?!
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